Co-Founded CRACK + CIDER: a shop where you can buy essential items which we distribute to homeless people 



Generous, empathetic people aren't giving cash to homeless people on the street 


People don't give because they worry it'll be spent on drugs and alcohol 


A simple, transparent model of buying essentials which are given direct to homeless people


What we accomplished:



With only $900 of our savings we sold over $60,000 six weeks from launch. That's an ROI of over 5,600% 



We distributed over 6,000 items to the homeless in London during the coldest January in 4 years 



Selected by Nesta and The Observer as one of “The 50 radical-thinking individuals and organizations changing the UK for the better.” taking home 4th place overall.  The judges commented: "A really simple concept... Everyone in the room just loved this one."


"CRACK + CIDER knock it out of the park with a new model of e-commerce to help homeless people" - BARONESS Martha Lane Fox


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