I'm a Strategist and
Co-Founder of CRACK + CIDER.



who am i? 

Part Strategist, part Social Entrepreneur who found my way from London to the West coast where I spend my weekends in the ocean and mountains and eating around a campfire.

Co-Founder of non-profit CRACK + CIDER which provided essential items to over 8,000 homeless people in London and California. 

I currently work at Beyond as a Strategist; run 'Beyond Good'; and spend my evenings, weekends and early-mornings talking to rebel-girls who are saving the world in research for my book: Be Bad, Do Good

I also talk about Brand and Design Thinking at Social Impact events and write about the topic for The Huffington Post as a guest-blogger.  



After working in advertising brand strategy for a number of years I found that the data-led strategic and creative problem-solving skills we were using to solve business challenges could be applied to solving bigger problems in society. 

I love combining technology, data and creativity to design products, services and communications that can make someone's day, and maybe even the world; easier, faster, and more fun. 


get in touch 

If you're interested in chatting about brands and social impact, I'm always happy to meet people for a coffee or chat on the phone/hangout/skype. 

Please email me, connect on LinkedIn, or Twitter